Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where'd my baby go?

I know as mothers we all go through it. The moments when we say "where is my baby"?

Yesterday they where this little ball of chub who couldn't move unless we moved them. We got excited when they smiled or waved their hands around. Than comes the day when they get into the basket below their changing table & take out the tube of Butt Paste & you hear yourself saying "give that to mommy". This is than heard 100 times a day. I give her 3 chances with "please" than I start demanding. Some might think I'm generous.

Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying every new part of her growing. It's fun, exciting & oh so entertaining to watch. I just miss my little baby that only weighed 14lbs. The baby who didn't cut off my breathing when she slept on my chest. The baby who's fingers wrapped around my 1 was her biggest accomplishment for the day.

Now those fingers clap & point & pick. They rip & tear & softly rub my arm when she's tired. They cover her open mouth as she says muuuaaaaaa & throws a kiss. Those fingers that wave goodbye or hello. My babies hands are getting so big.

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