Thursday, August 7, 2008

She's here

It's taken me awhile to update but our Sophie bean is here with us safe & sound. She came 2 weeks early at 38weeks.

I had gone to the doctor at 37weeks & had 3+ protein. Plus my blood pressure was a bit elevated for a 2nd week in a row. Nothing major but enough to send me to the hospital for monitoring. I spent 3 days there peeing in a bucket for 24 hours & attached to monitors. All my testing came back pretty normal so they sent me home & said come into the office Saturday & we'll schedule your induction.

So Saturday I went to the doctors & we decided to induce on Tuesday 38weeks. That evening we went to my BFF house for a BBQ & that night I was up all night with a stomach ache & lots of heart burn. Two things the doctor said to keep an eye on. So the next day, Sunday my birthday, we called the doctor. She said to get to the hospital for more monitoring. So I showered & off we went to the hospital. Once the doctor got there & we talked we decided to start the induction that night instead of Tuesday.

The hospital was out of Cervidil (drug to soften the cervix) so we had to wait until midnight for it to get there. Once it was there the doctor inserted it & I was given an Ambian to sleep. The next morning at 7:30am the on call doctor came & removed it & I was only 1 cent at this point. So I showered & ate breakfast. We started the pitocin shortly after. I contracted on the pitocin all day but not very strongly. That evening at around 6:30 I was still only 1 cent. The on call doctor said we could do another round of induction or opt for a c-section. I chose another round of induction. I didn't want to have a c-section unless that was the absolute last resort.

I ate dinner & at 7:30pm Cervidil was inserted again. At this point I was very tired & very run down. I had been chained to a bed for 24 hours by monitors & IV. I had to stay on my sides not my back at all due to the high blood pressure. The bed in L&D is not very comfortable. It comes apart 1/2 way so there was constantly a bump in my hips. Needless to say it was all getting to me. When cervidil is inserted you have to wait 2 hours before going to the bathroom. Well it had been an hour & 1/2 & I had to pee so they got me a bed pan. I couldn't use it. Just couldn't bring myself ot peeing in a bed. Out of frustration I took the bedpan & threw it across the room. The poor nurse. I felt bad but I was so frustrated at this point.

I remember Gary saying to me, "you've got to just deal at this point. No way around it". I almost killed him for saying that.

So cervidil is inserted & I was given another ambian for sleep. At 5AM June 24th I was woken up by a strong contraction. I remember I was laying on my left side & woke up & saw Gary laying on the cot next to me. I thought ok here we go. I'll contract & let him sleep till things get going. The next contraction came & OMG did it hurt WOW. It was like having the absolute worst menstrual cramp possible. From there on they kept coming & getting stronger. The nurse gave me som Nubain which didn't help the pain just made me doped up & made it harder to control my breathing.

I labored from 5-7:30 when the doctor came & removed the cervidil. I had progressed to 3cent. Yeah for progress. They talked about starting the pit again & I remember thinking "are they trying to kill me?"lol Needless to say because I was laboring steadily they didn't start it. No need to. So for the next hour &1/2 I labored, I breathed best I could. I had to stay on my sides. Gary did all he could to help me. The poor thing came to me at one point & said, maybe we should do the c-section so your not in so much pain. lol Yeah we missed that window. So I kept trying to breath & not throw up. With every new contraction I felt like I might puke. I told them this & they gave me this tiny little pan. Thankfully I never did throw up.

Now that I was 3 cent I asked for the epideral. The Anesthesiologist came & said I needed more fluid for him to insert it. The nurse was not very happy about this since I had already had plenty of fluids in past 36 hours or so. She did what he said & started me on more fluids. Trying to keep my hand flat to get it in me fast enough was not easy. Than someone came to take my blood, which was a joke. So she left & they never did get my blood while I was in labor.

Ok next, I've been given all the fluid I need so the nurse calls the Anesth again & notifies him. She than tells me I have to empty my bladder before he can start because of the catheter. I remember thinking how on earth can I handle a catheter and the needle from the epideral? I honestly didn't think I could sit still long enough. I was in so much pain. To get me to the bathroom Gary & the nurse had to walk me because I couldn't stand on my own. It was horrible. Once I got to the bathroom & on the toilet the contractions started coming one on top of the other. I couldn't sit up on my own. I had to hang on Gary in order to keep from falling onto the floor. I got up & the nurse said I could brush my teeth & wash my face if I liked. OMG how I wanted to brush my teeth but I just couldn't do it, too much pain. So Gary got me back to the bed & as I was in the sitting positon & they where trying to put all the monitors back on me I just wiggled around like crazy from the contractions.

I finally got back on my side & was laying down when I felt the urge to push. The 1st one was uncontrolable. It just came on so fast & so strong I yelled I'VE GOT TO PUSH to no one & anyone. The nurse called the doctor & no one believed me. I had only been at 3 cent an hour & 1/2 earlier. When they checked me I was now 9 cent. The room went nuts with nurses & machines. It was time for Sophia to arrive.

So I got on my back & they put my feet up in the stirrups & when the next contraction came I took a deep breath & pushed as hard as I could. With each new contraction I'd put my feet back up in those stirups & push like I never pushed before. The one stirup kept falling down & I yelled "OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD". My midwife was there & she put her knee under it to keep it upright for me. Gary was on my left side holding my leg for me. I have no clue who held my right leg for me. My legs where like jello way before this & I so needed help holding them up & out. As I was pushing a nurse came in & said your mom is here you want her to come in? Gary & I yelled NO! My mom doesn't do well with me in pain. Besides there where enough people in there seeing my girly parts no need for more.

I continuted to push. The doctor told me when to breath, when to push & when to stop. The doctor massaged the opening so that Sophie could make her way through. Sophie's heart rate droped so they rolled me onto my left side. Than they said, we are going to place a monitor on her internally. I knew this meant in her scalp. I wasn't happy about it but it had to be done. While they did that I couldn't push. I had to breath through the contraction. Oh man was that hard but I did it. Than pushing resumed. I could feel her making her way out & I just wanted her to be out & finally one push & her head came out. Oh what sweet relief. Than I had to do her shoulders. Yes it hurt but not that bad. They cleaned her up & asked Gary if he wanted to cut the cord. He didn't.

They put Sophie Bean on my belly & she was so big & so warm & goopy in her mouth. I was so exhausted & out of it. She was here she was healthy & beautiful. They got her cleaned up & brought her back to me. I kissed her & told her, "mommy's here, here I am". It was the most incredible day of my life.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today I am into my 36th week of pregnancy. For those that don't know I was diagnosed with diabetes at 6weeks & have been on insulin ever since. I test my blood sugar up to 7 times a day if not more & take 4 shots of insulin a day. I also have Hypothyroidism that I've had for 13 years after being treated for Hyper. I take medication daily for that as well. I also suffer from Panic Disorder & went off antidepresants when I found out I was pregnant. I went back on them at 5 months because the anxiety got to be to much for me. I wasn't taking proper care of myself & there for not taking care of baby Hart. I also, along with Gary decided not to work because of the anxiety. I will return to work after a while once baby is here though.

This pregnancy has been a roller coaster to say the least. It was nothing like I expected it to be. I thought you get pregnant you have a baby. I didn't realize the worry, stress & that my health could be so off that it could hurt my baby. So far though, she seems to be healthy. No signs of any birth defects & we hope that is the case when we meet her in 4 weeks.

I'm writing all this so because at 36 weeks I cannot believe we will meet her in 4 weeks. That the moment we have been working for & waiting for will be here so soon. She hasn't even arived yet & she already is our whole world. It's like they say. You love someone so much that you haven't even met yet. Thats what we feel for Sophia. We love her already. We cannot wait for her to be an outside baby!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Welcome to the Hart Family Blog. We are made up of myself Meghan, Gary my husband & Sophia who at this moment is still in my whom. She will be joining us in 5 short weeks & we cannot wait to meet her.

We live in a cute little town in upstate NY. I am currently not working & Gary is foreman for his fathers trucking/warehouse company along with a Real Estate agent on the side.