Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boring to you, maybe.

To me it's a wonderful thing. Sophie has been sleeping in her crib at daycare all week & that is a great thing. When I was home with her she would only sleep on my chest for naps. Same thing on the weekends. I won't lie. I do love snuggling her on my chest while she sleeps. It's a very comforting thing. I also realize that she needs to be sleeping in her own crib for naps. It'll help her to sleep through the night in her crib & thats a good thing as well.

So thats my boring mom update. Sophie is sleeping in her crib at daycare for naps & I'm proud of her.

Friday, April 24, 2009

10 Months

Today marks Sophie's 10th month. I still cannot believe that in just 2 months it will be her 1st birthday. She is growing & changing daily it seems.

Today she woke us up by smacking our faces. Back & forth, smack smack smack, over to daddy, smack smack smack. She is crawling and pulling herself up. She is walking & saying momma, dada. She scurries for the cat than grabs at her. She pulls toys out of her toybox. She throws them on the floor. She's eating three meals a day of all kinds of food. She giggles when you say in a semi loud voice "What are you doing?" She hates to sleep, she'd rather play. When she does she pulls her blanket up to her chin & snuggles it. She still has no teeth. She is tiny yet she makes faces as if she was an older child. She likes to observe things & not just jump right in. She has a smile that stops people in their tracks. She melts our hearts.

She's our bean & we love her more than life itself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

National Assistants Week

I just started a new job about 2 months ago after being unemployed, pregnant & a stay at home mom for over a year & 1/2. I took a step down from my previous postion in publishing because, lets face it, publishing just isn't a great market right now. So now I'm the receptionist. It's where I started out & I'm happy with that.

Being back to work is great. I get a break from the Bean. I get to interact with adults. I make money & can provide for my family yet again. The job itself is boring to say the least. It's a start up company so the phones don't ring. I mainly greet guests, order office supplies, lunch when needed, book the board & conference room & assist the Office Manager in day to day tasks.

Don't get me wrong. I take pride in any possition I hold. Be it running the company to washing the floors. It's my job. It's what I've been hired to do & I'll do it with pride because my name is on it.

I came to work yesterday Morning to a card on my chair. The card contained a $100 & a handwritten thank you from my boss (The President) Phil thanking me for doing a great job & I am off to a great start. After lunch as I was returning with my immediate suppervisor (Office Manager) Cassie we found a dozen beautiful yellow roses on my desk. We thought, oh how nice, it must be someone's birthday. Nope. It was another gift from Phil saying thank you yet again. Cassie had been given the same gifts as well since she is his assistant as well as office manager.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better. The 4 VP's offered to take us out to lunch tomorrow to the Cheesecake Factory.

I've never felt so appreciated at a job before. This gig might just be the best one I've had so far. A girl could get used to this. :)