Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Bean's 1st Birthday Party. Recap

June 20th we had Sophie's 1st birthday party. It rained & rained & rained as we tried to set up the deck for 20 people. Gary & Sean busted their butts getting ready. Setting up tents, tarps, tables & chairs. My mom & Michelle tried to keep Bean occupied in the living room while I figured out the kitchen & how to set up food. Than I had to run & pick up the balloons & ice for the party. When I got back I stood on the deck in the rain & cried. My little girls party was ruined. Where would we put 20 people in our tiny apartment if this rain didn't let up? We just couldn't do it. It was 10 mintues to 2 & people would be showing up any second now.

I guess the powers that be felt bad for the Bean & made it stop raining right at 2pm. The sun sort of came out but it was mostly overcast & chilly for the remainder of the day. At least we wheren't being soaked & could hang on the deck.

By the time the party got under way we where all exhausted but we made due. We ate, sang happy birthday to bean, ate cake & opened gifts. It was nice that all our friends turned out & thats really what mattered.

We are especially thankful to Sean & Michelle for their help. If it wasn't for them none of it would of happened. I think I would of just sat on the floor & cried. Thank you guys!

Ohhhhh I didn't even mention the Turtle cake did I? Thats for another day.

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