Friday, April 24, 2009

10 Months

Today marks Sophie's 10th month. I still cannot believe that in just 2 months it will be her 1st birthday. She is growing & changing daily it seems.

Today she woke us up by smacking our faces. Back & forth, smack smack smack, over to daddy, smack smack smack. She is crawling and pulling herself up. She is walking & saying momma, dada. She scurries for the cat than grabs at her. She pulls toys out of her toybox. She throws them on the floor. She's eating three meals a day of all kinds of food. She giggles when you say in a semi loud voice "What are you doing?" She hates to sleep, she'd rather play. When she does she pulls her blanket up to her chin & snuggles it. She still has no teeth. She is tiny yet she makes faces as if she was an older child. She likes to observe things & not just jump right in. She has a smile that stops people in their tracks. She melts our hearts.

She's our bean & we love her more than life itself.

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